Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Gas Before Xmas

The Gas Before Xmas
(a very true tale, with apologies to Clement Moore)
With my gas tank near empty
- - dashboard flashing "LOW FUEL" - -
I hurried to the nearest station
where gas was $3.69 per gallon for cash,
or the equivalent in jewels.

But, when I saw that the credit/debit card prices...
were a shocking $1/gal higher,
and having no cash upon me,
I took a risk and drove down the road,
in search of fuel that was cheaper.

“On pistons!
On injector!
On batt’ry!”,
I cried,
regretting not buying a more fuel-efficient ride!

But then through my windshield
did I happen to see
that the very next station’s sign read,
“Cash or debit: same price”!
Oh, thank goodness! Yippee!!!

Plus, they were 10 cents/gal cheaper
than that overpriced place,
so, I filled-up with haste,
then drove home,
after kissing my gas tank and wallet
for future good luck!

And as I passed that first Grinchy station,
I rolled down my window,
and gestured a gesture meaning something like,
“You suck!”

So, I hope you all learned from this a little something:
That the next time you are driving on fumes,
keep your spirits up and keep looking
for better deals that break through the gloom!

And to all I exclaimed ere I drove out of sight,
“Happy Driving to all,
and to all a Good Night!!!”