Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Tale of Two RMA's

I have two products that are defective and needed replacement.
I e-mailed both companies' customer service
a photo of the respective failed item.

One, a computer CPU fan, which failed after less than 7 months,
was still under its one-year warranty,
which, effectively, was doubled,
thanks to my purchasing it on my credit card
(it is the second such replacement for my 5 year old desktop computer).
The other, a metal ice cream scoop,
which, over the last two years, has pitted in the scoop part
(a potential bacteria breeding area, 
not to mention metal particles falling into my ice cream),
despite hand-washing with soft sponges and dish soap,
had a lifetime warranty.

I contacted both companies,
and both agreed that a replacement was in order,
without so much as a chance to protest the expected argument,

much less the fact that I no longer have the original packagings, receipts, etc.

Unfortunately, the cost to ship the CPU fan 
was greater than its original cost,
so I decided against the return,
and bought two low-cost replacements, instead,
which, I'll probably regret at some point
(for now, the one is working great!).

The company that makes the ice cream scoop
was very apologetic, and, without citing a reason,
said they would ship a new scoop 
in my choice of color (which I didn't care about),
without my needing to return it.

Despite the outcome with the CPU fan,
I applaud both companies for their good customer service skills.
I realize that companies can't just take the word of customers

in all circumstances, even with inexpensive items,
but, doing so makes "good" customers feel less like they've been ripped-off.

So, I thank MassCool and KitchenAid for their quality service!

(RMA = "Return Merchandise Authorization")