Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buh-bye Facebook

I've seen the future and it sucks.

Facebook's new 'Timeline' layout.

A horrible design making it virtually impossible for anyone to read,
especially if they have low-resolution screens, as many people do,
especially those with vision problems.

Allegedly, Facebook did this to show investors (it's supposed to go public)
that it is keeping up with the times, and are funky-fresh, and all that.

Never mind that the majority of FB users don't like it,
and even the computer-based magazines (physical and virtual), blogs, etc,
don't like it, either!

Unfortunately, they are not the first to do so. did it just before they were bought by CBS,
turning them from an easy-to-use, independent site,
to one that is not only harder to use,
but, for some strange reason, seems to lean toward CBS commercials, etc.
Other sites have done the same.
Way to alienate your users!

Timeline goes mandatory on or just after March 30, 2012.
If/when it does so (the date keeps getting pushed out . . . wonder why),
I will stop using it. :,(

I discovered an add-on for all browsers (except IE),
which is specially designed to work with Facebook
and can be customized to make Timeline tolerable!
It even eliminates the 'shift-enter' post edit feature,
so hitting 'Enter' won't submit a post before you're done with it!
Not only that, but it even "hides" those annoying Flash/Shockwave ads
that pervade the internet on ALL websites!
I've been using it for about 3 days and love it:
So, I'm still on Facebook!

In trying to keep up with FB's, apparently, constant changes,
SF has managed to screw itself up, royally,
to the point of being nearly useless.
When I gave it a thumbs up, above,
I willingly gave the $5 donation they requested,
which I rarely do for otherwise freeware.
Now, of course, I'm regretting that
(they never even bothered to say "thanks",
claiming that they can't stop everything to do so . . . nice).
I'm still on FB, but with SF disabled. :,(

[UPDATE #3 (4/4/2013)]
Fortunately, SF has fixed most of its problems,
but, naturally, FB has gone and made things even more difficult,
such as putting your newly-entered
replies at the top of the reply list,
rather than at the bottom, where it belongs (i.e., ascending date/time).
Not sure if it's a bug or on purpose, 

but, I've noticed that the resulting display of replies
seems to be random date/time-wise.
FB's motto a la Star Trek-The Next Generation:
"If it ain't broke, make it so!"