Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travelling Travails

Spent the past week in NY to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday
(I was born on his birthday . . . no, I'm not 80!).   ;)

On the drive there, it took 13 hours on a weekday morning to reach the border of NJ/NY,
with about an hour's worth of pit stops (never needed to do that, before!)
and speeds averaging about 60 mph
(and, of course, no matter how fast I drove, 
some idiot was going at least 10mph faster!),
then spent 3 hours between the border and my folks home in the middle of LI,
inching along at 5 mph!

The way back on a Sunday morning was much faster:
just 1-1/2 hrs to reach NJ,
and another 12 to reach Cincinnati,
where construction at 10:30pm brought traffic to a near standstill
(they shut down 2 of 3 lanes to repave a side road;
I might have understood 1 lane, but 2???).
That took a 1/2 hour out of my life,
but the rest of the trip (1-1/2 hrs was uneventful and clear).

Many of my Virginia friends wanted me to come by for Thanksgiving,
but this turkey is done travelling for a while!